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Our Story


Read about our history and why we’re so wired for quality.

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100% Employee-owned

Our employees work like they own the company – because they do.

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Certifications matter! Take a look at the certifications we’ve earned.

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Find answers to Timberline’s most frequently asked questions.

Timberline Manufacturing Team

Our Team


Get to know the people behind our high-quality products.

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Our facility’s Midwest location is one of our biggest advantages.

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"What I like most about working at Timberline...

...is that the people are so nice and so helpful. It’s knowing your voice will be heard.”

Amanda Thomas
Small harness builder

"There is a culture of trust
and support at Timberline...

...not just for each other, but also in terms of the trust and support our customers give us because we deliver on our promises. We have a culture of continuously getting better  – to do better for each other and our clients.”

Greg Ervin
Employee owner and Director of Sales